Business Trends to Leverage in 2017

Business Trends to Leverage in 2017

The year 2016 is behind us and gone.  Again welcome to 2017, which we are already a month into. If last year was anything to go by, it is more significant than ever that you walk through 2017 with some clear road-map which may be adapted on the fly. The following are 6 major trends for 2017 which you may leverage on so as to grow your business.

1.Entrepreneurs Everywhere

This year is going to see a significant rise in individuals taking the plunge to become entrepreneurs. This phenomenon is going to be driven partly by the exponential rise in millennials in workforce, together with global shift towards full time employees vs. contract work. As entry barriers become increasingly less traditional, potential employees are going to look to leverage their time and skills by establishing their own enterprises. Watch out on this.

2. Social proof

Traditional marketing is on its death throes. Customers today are smart enough and sufficiently connected to see right through marketing and advertising. Social media comments, consumer reviews, and interest groups are going to be responsible for driving decision making. Therefore, the major challenge for business people is to make sure they have a two-way information flow between them together with their target audience to avoid market obscurity.

3. Internal disruptors

Big companies are quite aware their size is no longer a guaranteed advantage, but rather a real impediment to innovation. Therefore, intraprenuers are going to become the pillars of innovation in big corporations. They’re free spirits who are bound to challenge the status quo, and authorities, make some bold suggestions and decisions, and trail blaze new paths to market. Most significantly, they’re provided an official mandate to act so.

4. Solo Acts

Single employee business is going to see some dramatic rise. This is because popular websites such as Fiverr, Etsy, and eBay among others have managed to create global market places for solo businesspersons. It is now quite easy to establish an online enterprise, just from the comfort of your house. This opportunity presents also dual income for the smart individuals, therefore you no longer have to limit your income sources to the traditional 9-5 parameters. In 2017, coffee shops are going to continue to be new boardrooms.

5. Micro Trends

In 2017, as compound growth of information takes its full effect, it is going to become crucial monitoring for micro trends. Innovation and disruption both are making macro trends become obsolete before they have had enough time to take full effect. You should keep close eye on those trends which run parallel to your industry niche, as the ripple effect of disruption traverse sectors.

6. Becoming an SME

Well, small and Medium-sized businesses is going to become Subject Matter Experts so as to continue thriving. As competition is going to increase, generalists are going to fall by the wayside. The victors, predictably, are those that are the leaders in their own field. You should find a niche within your field to guarantee long-term growth and profitability in 2017.